Bypass locks and decrypt physical images from popular Huawei devices

Version7.8  |  UFED Ultimate, UFED InField, UFED Physical Analyzer, UFED Logical Analyzer, Cellebrite Reader  |  July 17, 2018

Get more data from more devices and apps using the most powerful methods.

Cellebrite continues to deliver industry-first capabilities to help you quickly obtain the most relevant digital evidence from the most popular and newest devices, and apps. This product release, version 7.8, provides you with digital forensic capabilities that will keep you one step ahead:

Industry first: Access new evidence from the latest Huawei devices using a new generic decrypting bootloader capability.

The Huawei decrypting bootloader capability provides a cutting-edge, non-invasive technique to bypass locks, overcome encryption and perform physical and full file system extractions on Huawei device models that use HiSilicon Kirin chipsets (620, 650, 655, 658, 659, 930, 935, 950, 955 & 960). Using either cable 100 or 170, digital evidence can be accessed from popular phone models, such as the P10, Mate 10 and P9.

Decrypting EDL now available for the newest Qualcomm chipsets.

Due to our extensive efforts in R&D, we are pleased to provide you with additional lock-bypassing decrypting physical extraction support on selected devices running the latest Qualcomm chipsets (8917, 8937, 8940 & 8953) using our unique EDL method. Supported devices include: (ZTE Z956 Grand X 4, Xiaomi Redmi 4 Hot and Motorola XT1765 Moto E MetroPCS).