In this episode, I discuss the addition of Protonmail as a parser built into Cellebrite Physical Analyzer 7. 51.

As always, we greatly appreciate when customers reach out with feedback on their ongoing needs and recommendations that arise when using Cellebrite solutions in their investigations. The Protonmail parser is a result of our responses to these requests. 

What you will see in the Physical Analyzer UI on the lefthand side under Analyzed Data is a new option for Protonmail. Here, you will see parsed data for email messages, contacts, and user accounts. When you click on each item, you will see details such as Username and Other Entries that are associated with that user. 

Maybe the user has a recovery email or a Protonmail address that will be indicated, then follow the source file path to validate the data results. You will be able to view the messages, date timestamps, or if they are read/unread. 

In addition to this, you will be able to view the Contacts the person is communicating with using Protonmail.

We look forward to responding to more of your requests as we are here to support you with lawful access to inaccessible data. 

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