Special Guest: Gil Kaminker – Head of Android, SRL at Cellebrite

In this episode, we are joined by Gal Kaminker, the Head of Android and SRL at Cellebrite. SRL is the department in charge of all the capabilities involved in unlocking and extracting devices that go into UFED and Cellebrite products. He will be talking about Qualcomm Live, why it’s important, different methods to use it, and tips and tricks to ease some of your frustrations with the tool.

What is Qualcomm Live?

Qualcomm Live is a unique Cellebrite extraction capability for unlocked Qualcomm based devices. It is a generic method providing wide support for various devices from many manufacturers. Qualcomm Live has a single, generic profile, which can adapt to different situations and devices.

It offers a very powerful solution to support devices that have not even been tested in the labs yet. It is also one of the only tools that supports Android 8.1. Examiners should be aware, however, that it can work very differently on different devices.

The generic method of Qualcomm is great because it can cover a big matrix of different combinations. The difficult aspect is fragmentations. Different vendors, chipsets, Kerner versions, and firmware versions may all behave differently. Security patch levels (SPLs) are also a factor that can affect the success rate.

Qualcomm Live only works on Qualcomm-based devices. If you’re not sure if your device is compatible, it is possible to check online to see if the device you’re working on is based on Qualcomm chipsets. In order to use Qualcomm, you will need an authenticated ADB session and a passcode to enable “Developer Options” and also a supported Kernel.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about Qualcomm Live and to hear more solutions to common issues that come up when using the tool.

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