Even though remote work became the norm in 2020, workplace misconduct still occurred at an alarming rate. The work-from-home model presented organizations with many new challenges, such as the need to safely and securely access, collect, and review data from computers and mobile devices, no matter where they’re located.

So, how can organizations detect and investigate questionable behaviors without holding devices in their hands?

We’re pleased to announce Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector, a cloud-first remote collection solution for Windows and Mac that will revolutionize e-discovery and the corporate investigation lifecycle. This newly integrated offering will dramatically enhance corporations’ ability to mitigate risk with leading data collection and analytics capabilities.

Data Collection, Made Easier 

Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions continues to invest in tools focused on corporate investigations and e-discovery, to assist enterprises in creating a safer workplace, from headquarters to home offices, by making endpoint data collection and analysis simple, effective, and efficient.

Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector helps lower corporate risk that can occur through loss of funds due to fraud, employee productivity, and stolen intellectual property.

When we talk about corporate fraud, such crimes can include sales schemes, kickbacks, and even bribery. Other forms of fraud can include conflicts of interest, giving vendors preferential treatment, or taking assets from another location and representing them as your own.

Remote computer collection can also help while investigating employees when they are accused of misconduct in the workplace. Having the ability to collect and analyze digital data allows the investigator to have the facts first; then they can work with human resources or their legal or finance teams. This all happens without disrupting the employees’ work, so there is no downtime.

The ability to reduce remote collection challenges to an investigation offers substantial savings of both time and money. There is no need to travel to an employee site, transparency respects employee privacy, and remote collection allows the company to gain lawful access to employee devices with employee awareness through company policies.

Access Endpoints Safely & Securely….Anytime, Anywhere 

With Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector, the administrator sets up the endpoint server and authorized users can either be deployed in advance or at the time of collection. Once a user logs in to the server, they can view files across the network and collect the required data to analyze and review in the same interface.

Main Capabilities: 

  • Collect and analyze files from Mac and Windows Collect Application Logs (e.g., what was installed and when it was accessed)
  • Collect system logs
  • Preview and triage files across the network

Interested in learning more about Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector? Watch this webinar!

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