Special Guest: Alexis Brignoni, FBI, and Geraldine Blay, Department of Justice

In this episode, we are joined by Alexis Brignoni and Geraldine Blay who will be discussing their recent research which led to the introduction of a new tool called xLEAPP. LEAPP stands for Logs Events And Properties or Parser. xLEAPP, previously known as vLEAPP, was created specifically to work with vehicles.

Geraldine Blay began her forensic career as a detective and a canine officer but recently started a new position at the Department of Justice. Alexis Brignoni works in forensics at the FBI, as an agent for fourteen years and an examiner for eight years. Together they work on this personal research project which was born out of a need for a better vehicle forensics tool.

What is xLEAPP?

xLEAPP is essentially an open-source parser for cars. As vehicles are often not supported with most tools, useful data can be missed by examiners who don’t know how to access it. Cars store important information such as navigation data, call logs, contacts, and events that occurred in the car.

Examiners need a tool that is able to evaluate the data and provide additional parsing capabilities. To fill that void. Alex and Geraldine developed xLEAPP which can create different types of reports. It also allows collaboration with other members of the DFIR community.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about how to get access to vehicle data and how to use this new tool to fully understand that data.

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