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Recently we brought you the first Samsung Exynos Physical Bypass solution delivered on Cellebrite UFED Ultimate. This enabled unlock, full file system and physical extractions from popular Samsung devices with the Exynos processor.

Also, it is now even easier to access file system data from more than 40 applications on Android devices running version 6.0 and above as Cellebrite supports both Exynos and Qualcomm chipsets. Cellebrite is the only digital forensics solution that delivers a holistic capability to unlock and extract data from Samsung devices. Learn more about Cellebrite’s latest innovations here.

Here are 5 real-life digital investigation challenges where Cellebrite UFED Ultimate helped solve the case:

Challenge #1: Access data on a murderer’s mobile phone to find evidence if he acted alone

The murder of a 25-year-old woman working in an underground illegal animal gambling game, in Brazil, seemed to have been solved. The police found the man who murdered her and obtained his confession. However, after recovering digital conversations from his smartphone, investigators found that he did not act alone, contrary to his testimony.

“Using Cellebrite UFED Ultimate, we managed to recover conversations showing that the murderer relied on accomplices who helped him get to the place and flee from there by car. He also had acted on orders from another criminal, who was sitting in a prison cell and had been the one that ordered and arranged the murder.” – Arturo Lira dos Santos, criminal expert of the Institute of Criminalistics (GEPH/IC) of Pernambuco, Brazil

Read the full case study here.

Challenge #2: Extract digital evidence to uncover nationwide car theft operation

Vehicles totaling £1 million pounds were stolen from London and the Midlands area during a nationwide criminal operation. When the perpetrators were arrested, police found incriminating digital evidence including videos, images and messages that confirmed the suspects actions and led to their conviction and sentencing.

“Investigations with multiple mobile phones were causing me to have many sleepless nights before I used Cellebrite UFED Ultimate and Cellebrite Pathfinder. Even with tight budgets for police forces these days, I think Cellebrite solutions are fairly priced because they can save us literally hours, months and even years in some cases, reviewing data.” – Detective Sergeant Harry Limer, Gloucestershire Police

Read the full case study here.

Challenge #3: Access and extract critical information and app data from WhatsApp to determine if adult males were coercing an underage girl

Suspicious parents alerted WATCH Netherlands (an organization committed to fighting the sexual abuse of minors) to investigate their daughter’s possible connection to an adult male “Digital evidence extracted from the girl’s cell phone identified adult men approaching their daughter through mobile apps. With the assistance of a counselor, the parents were able to protect their daughter.

“We were able to confirm the parent’s suspicions, using Cellebrite UFED Ultimate, that their daughter was at-risk when we found chat conversations from adult men. The daughter was saved just before she got too involved with the ‘loverboy’ and his ‘friends’.” Name has been removed to ensure privacy.

Read the full case study here.

Challenge #4: Find the person responsible for a sexual assault and recover deleted video files

In Mexico, a seven-year-old girl who had been kidnapped in a stolen car was found dead with visible signs of sexual assault. Experts from the Forensic IT Unit of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Chihuahua used Cellebrite UFED Ultimate to find incriminating videos that were deleted by a murder suspect in a crime that stunned a village.

“Using Cellebrite UFED Ultimate, we managed to recover the critical deleted videos. The suspect did not expect us to be able to recover digital evidence linking him to this case.” Forensic IT Director, State of Chihuahua, Mexico

Read the full case study here.

Challenge #5: Extract deleted text messages from a chat app on the victim’s phone and find evidence proving that the victim’s partner had intentionally tried to kill her

A woman was admitted to a hospital in Brazil as she had been shot in the neck. With her life at stake, she was quickly operated on. As the injury was clearly caused by violence, the medical team followed the protocols required by law and alerted the police. Investigators working on the case soon recovered deleted messages from a chat application that provided the necessary evidence that confirmed an attempted homicide.

“In cases of violence against women, just like this, data extraction from mobile phones helps a lot, when conflicts arise between a couple. It is usually well documented in their chats. If the chat does not correspond to the couple, there could be a girlfriend, or a friend, that would also receive messages.

All this helps to understand the context of a relationship, as these cases often do not have reports or witnesses to rely on.” – Arturo Lira dos Santos, criminal expert of the Institute of Criminalistics (GEPH/IC) of Pernambuco, Brazil

Read the full case study here.

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