In this episode, we explore valuable features in Cellebrite Reader that can support your digital investigation.

Quick Reminder

Cellebrite Reader is not a substitute solution for Cellebrite Physical Analyzer as there are several instances where you cannot carve for additional locations, run the App Genie, fuzzy model plug-in, or perform other additional steps to uncover more artifacts.

Also, if you are digging through data in Reader, you will find that you cannot perform a Hex search. You will be able to see source files but you won’t be able to click on them or follow their file path which is what we recommend for data validation.

What You Can Use Reader For

In Reader, you are able to perform keyword searches, tag files, create reports, look at the file system and navigate through it. But again, this is not a solution to use instead of Physical Analyzer.

Reader is built to be a collaboration solution with an easy way for you to export data of interest and provide it to those investigators on your team that want to take a closer look and provide you with feedback on things you need to deep carve or uncover for them to progress the investigation.

Listen to the full episode to learn more. 

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