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Transform Your Organization With Digital Intelligence Solutions

Digital Intelligence (DI) makes digital data accessible and actionable.
Cellebrite's Investigative DI Platform is the only end-to-end suite of solutions, services and training that seamlessly integrates with your existing ecosystem to leverage digital insights you can trust.

Experience the Impact of a DI Workflow

Make your investigative teams more efficient and effective, every step of the way.

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Build Your DI Readiness

Our holistic approach leverages your unique DI technological and organizational capabilities to create the right digital intelligence strategy.


Technological Capability

Leverage your tech stack
Work hand in hand with your existing tools in the field, at the investigation site, and across agencies. Accelerate the investigation process and get data-driven results with collaborative tools powered by AI and automation.

Organizational Capability

Empower your people and optimize your processes
Upskill your personnel to expertly handle digital devices and empower your people to find crucial evidence and hidden clues in any scenario, ultimately building a stronger case, and securing future processes.

The Power of Cellebrite’s DI Solution

  • Access it All

    Access all data from all digital sources using the most trusted tools to quickly unlock, extract, examine, and validate data.

  • AI & Automation

    Leverage AI-powered analysis tools to connect the dots by visualizing journeys, surfacing key insights, and gaining actionable intelligence, all through an automated workflow.

  • Open Architecture and APIs

    Tap into your existing ecosystem by natively interfacing with your organization’s core systems.

  • World-class Training and Certification

    Ensure long-term success with training from leading experts that upskill your people at every step of the way.

  • Secure & Collaborative Digital Evidence Management

    Manage your operational workflow, chain of custody, policy governance and assets within a secure and
    collaborative infrastructure.

  • Advanced Services

    A trusted partner for your toughest cases. Recover digital evidence across a multitude of investigations, including cryptocurrency, with Cellebrite Advanced Services.

Trusted by Agencies and Organizations Worldwide

Lt. Corey Davis, Glastonbury, CT

“What was important was being able to visualize [all the evidence in] the case together as one. Gathering images from each device and uploading them into a single case file, then being able to immediately pick out which devices had images we were interested in [was crucial].”

Lt. Corey Davis, Glastonbury, CT