In this episode, we are joined by special guests Jared Barnhart & Ian Whiffin to discuss location information as recorded by iOS and Android devices.

Location data has been integral to many investigations but there are so many different types of location artifacts that are recorded by a device making it can be challenging to identify what is relevant, and what isn’t. 

We will show you what location data you can trust and answer other common questions such as:

  • How do I know if this piece of digital evidence makes sense?

  • How do I know if I need to validate the data?

We will rate data relevance as well as the accuracy of location data for you during the presentation.

Location Artifact Grading

  1. Unreliable location – The location was possibly never visited at all

  2. Unreliable location/timestamp – The location may have been visited but not at the associated time

  3. Reliable location/timestamp – The location and timestamp are both reliable

Download the cheatsheet that addresses all artifacts discussed in this episode as well as the relevance rating and data tables mentioned here.

Watch the entire episode to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to use location data in the most effective way during your investigations.

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