Media classification is a new feature built into Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, designed to help speed up investigations.

How to Use Image Classification

When you are loading a case and have chosen an extraction, you will have the option to choose “Define More Examination Tools”.

From here, you can choose Image Classification. Select specific categories of images or simply choose to select all. It will then go through and collect artifacts for you.

This process can take a long time, depending on how many images there are to classify. Once the processing completes, there are two places to find the image classification:

  1. Under “Insights,” you will have the option of “Image Classification.” You will then see all the different icons of the image categories for selection.

  2. Under “Analyzed Data,” you can choose “Images.” This will show you all the specific image categories for selection.

Image Classification is a wonderful feature to help speed up investigation time. Stay tuned for an upcoming version of Cellebrite Physical Analyzer where you will be able to process image classification after the data has loaded.

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