In this episode, we will be highlighting Samsung Rubin in Physical Analyzer, a unique Samsung source that contains records of visited locations, device events, different connectivity, and other helpful features.

Samsung Rubin is a service provided by Samsung that collects information about your devices, such as their settings, status, and stored applications. It’s used to personalize your content and improve your services and is similar to iOS KnowledgeC.

On Android, these artifacts were not abundantly found Cellebrite built this into Physical Analyzer version 7.57 to help with your investigations.

 In the Analyze Data Tab under Device Connectivity, you can see all the application usage logs showing when they were used: when they were started and ended by the user.

This could be of assistance if you are trying to prove whether or not someone was using a device hands-free when they were driving. This also shows you how they were connected, such as via Bluetooth in their car, or if they were using a headset.

Under Device Events, you can see if the mobile was powered on or off. Under Locations, you can see exactly where the device was located historically.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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