In this episode, I focus on image files and export options that are built into Cellebrite Physical Analyzer that you may not be aware of. 

Navigating to my data collection, under Analyzed Data, and then selecting the option Images, I can find many views indicated in the tabs on the main display – Table View, Thumbnail View, Folder View, and Gallery View.

Within your selected view, you are able to tag photos and see what is relevant or verified. You can also tag Project VIC categories here. 

Use Filters to isolate known images, hash sets, deleted images, or location artifacts.

If you are working on an investigation where you simply need to share hash values and you do not want to share the actual image file itself, you can export only hash values to excel.

This is particularly useful if you are working on consulting investigations where the other attorneys can only see hash values for images to compare to what their client is seeing.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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