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Cellebrite Management Solutions

Solve More Crimes
Preserve Public Safety

Make the Most of Your Investigative Resources

In a resource-constrained environment, agencies need to improve digital forensics efficiencies to solve cases faster, create force multiplication and keep communities safe.

  • Reduce Time to Actionable Evidence

    Redistribute digital forensic workloads from the lab to the field to reduce device-processing backlogs and accelerate investigations. Empower first responders and investigators with extraction and analysis tools so they can find insights quicker and act faster. Solve more cases in less time to better meet KPIs to reduce crime in your community.

  • Access Essential Digital Data to Advance Investigations

    As the devices in market continue to evolve, investigations can’t be left in the dark. Gain access to locked, encrypted and damaged devices to leverage digital evidence and solve more cases.

  • Increase Team Collaboration for Faster Results

    Standardize investigative processes across operating environments, enhance collaboration and streamline analysis to find critical evidence more quickly. Our digital data extraction, analysis and reporting processes facilitate cross-departmental sharing to keep investigations moving forward while maximizing resources.

  • Ensure Accountability and Effectiveness at Every Level

    Guarantee accountability for every action and every user with comprehensive permission management. Reduce risks to handling private data with administrative controls and staff training that ensure your team solves cases within the scope of legal authority and due process. Identify operational inefficiencies with full auditing capabilities so you can make the most of your technology resources, investments and workloads.

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