First time access to untapped evidence in Samsung Exynos devices

Version7.33  |  UFED 4PC, UFED Touch2, Cellebrite Responder  |  April 28, 2020

Cellebrite is pleased to provide the only solution in the industry that enables a full file-system extraction on the file-based encrypted, Samsung Exynos S10 and A10-A50 devices.

In this UFED version, we have introduced support for more than 12 new device models running the latest version of the operating system.


Other version highlights include:

  • Support for devices running iOS version up to 13.4.x.
  • Improved selective extraction in Android Advanced Logical
  • Cellebrite Responder (UFED InField) product enhancements


For more information on this software update, please read the full Release Notes.