In this episode, I talk about when to use the APK Downgrade feature in Cellebrite UFED for Android Devices.

So, on my UFED, I browse through the list of available devices and select the Samsung Galaxy X10. Here you will see several “extraction type” options and I will choose File System. On the next screen, you will find the option, Android Backup APK Downgrade.

When you click on the “i” you will see the detailed information pop-up.

Note: we are considering removing the “(including JTAG and chip-off)” because those methods are no longer relevant on many devices. And while we do want it to be a last resort, the APK Downgrade is a fantastic way to temporarily downgrade Android 12 applications to a version that we could actually collect more relevant data from.

We do recommend that you first try an Advanced Logical, Full File System, or other extraction types but if you find that the device you are investigating is an Android 12 device and that you are missing application information, consider the APK Downgrade method mentioned above.

Listen to the full episode to learn more.  

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