In Cellebrite’s 2021 Digital Intelligence Benchmark Report, respondents reported that 57% of devices (six out of 10) coming into their labs were locked. They also identified “the inability to extract information due to encrypted data” as their biggest challenge.

Encryption technology helps protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, but if used by bad actors to evade detection, this technology has the potential to threaten public safety. Cellebrite believes that citizens and organizations have a fundamental right to protect their private information. At the same time, we recognize that countervailing public safety concerns can and should limit this right in legal investigations.

Cellebrite Premium Enterprise (ES)—Working With UFED to Enhance Your Unlock Capabilities

Cellebrite’s UFED solution has been the industry standard for years in digital forensics labs worldwide and is an invaluable asset in an examiner’s toolbox for lawfully accessing data. UFED is used in over 5 million investigations per year worldwide.

“This new solution provides digital forensics labs with the unprecedented ability to support more than 30,000 device types and unlock leading Android and iOS devices using various tested methods.”

Recently, Cellebrite introduced Premium ES, which extends exclusive Cellebrite Premium capabilities to all authorized Cellebrite UFED devices. This enables Cellebrite UFEDs to perform advanced device unlocking, and digital data collections to resolve cases faster than ever. UFED was the industry game-changer when it was introduced. Now, with Premium ES, UFED is becoming the game-changer once again. Here’s how it works.

When time is of the essence, investigators need to get to actionable intelligence fast. Premium ES is a next-generation solution that is part of Cellebrite’s end-to-end Digital Intelligence Investigative Platform offering. It is deployed in an agency’s secured domain via server and connects to their existing UFED devices.

This new solution provides digital forensics labs with the unprecedented ability to support more than 30,000 device types and unlock leading Android and iOS devices using various tested methods. With the addition of Cellebrite Commander, the solution enables IT administrators to control updates and rights management on UFED end-point devices enabling agency-wide solution scalability. 

Premium ES allows examiners to leverage locked devices in legally sanctioned investigations to get the most important data into review quickly so that it can potentially be used as evidence court.

Watch the on-demand webinar by Ronen Engler and Matt Goeckel to learn more.

Key benefits include:

  • Ability to gain unprecedented access
  • Empowers your existing UFED fleet
  • Boosts productivity
  • Maintains the chain of custody
  • Scales up with an agency-wide solution
  • Centralizes user and fleet management

To find out how Premium ES significantly improves the ability to lawfully access data from the latest mobile devices, we turned to Cellebrite expert, Heather Mahalik, Senior Director of Digital Intelligence. Heather has over 20 years of experience as an examiner. Here are her six reasons law enforcement agencies should combine Cellebrite Premium ES with existing UFED capabilities to greatly expand their lawful-access capabilities.

1. Empower your existing UFED fleet

Cellebrite Premium ES provides you with the flexibility to perform advanced acquisition when and where it’s needed to leverage your UFED endpoints (and your existing tech investment).

“While the soon-to-be-released 2021 Digital Intelligence Benchmark Report says 6 out of 10 devices come to the lab locked, it seems more like 9 out of 10,” Heather began. “There has been a major shift in the mobile industry toward encryption and most devices come locked to the lab. While legacy methods may work some of the time to open encrypted devices, your odds of gaining access go up dramatically with Premium ES. There’s less time to wait, and provides faster time-to-evidence with more access than before.”

As Heather explained, however, in some cases you may need to extract additional items or evidence, such as SIM cards, SD cards, or even feature phones or blogs as part of the investigation. This is where UFED shines. Essentially, examiners need both the power of Premium ES and the vast options UFED offers, alongside other methods, combined.

2. Gain unprecedented access

Locked devices are the number one challenge for examiners. Premium ES allows examiners to determine locks and perform a full-file-system extraction. A full-file-system extraction provides access to application data, including encrypted third-party apps, iOS Keychain, and more. In addition, it allows access to Android-secured containers from various vendors.

Having all the data via a full-file-system extraction gives investigative teams many more options, allowing analysts to filter the complete data file for specific data sets—texts, photos, videos, etc.—to fast-track time-to-evidence, which is critical when lives may be at stake.

“With Premium ES,” Heather said, “you can get the richest, fullest type of extractions possible for today’s newest devices. And it takes away the question that’s often asked, ‘Can I get into this device?’”

3. Boost your productivity

As Heather explained, “Premium ES avoids the need to use one piece of hardware for extraction, and gets rid of the queue…At a minimum, with enhanced Premium capabilities on UFED, an agency can triple its advanced unlocking capabilities” allowing productivity to soar.

4. Maintain chain of custody

Providing a detailed audit of when devices have come into the lab, who has accessed them, and when they were accessed is extremely important in protecting the chain of custody. With the addition of Cellebrite Commander, the solution provides advanced management of roles and permissions notification of shared files, audit logs, and usage indication to ensure full monitoring of the chain of custody.

5. Scale-up with an agency-wide solution

Premium ES is available in different packages to meet various agency needs with the option to grow as you grow. Additional endpoints can be added to match the number of UFEDs in your fleet.

6. Centralized user and fleet management

Combined with Cellebrite Commander, Premium ES provides a way to better manage your Cellebrite fleet and gain transparency from one simple dashboard.

“Commander tracks all your UFEDs—where they are and what they’re doing,” Heather explained. “You can force updates to it. It’s one simple dashboard, so you can watch the progress of everything, so you can track the number of devices extracted, cases solved, etc.”

The learn more about how Cellebrite Premium ES can help your team unlock more devices faster, click here.

About the Author: Joining Cellebrite in 2015, Ori leads product strategy and portfolio creation at Cellebrite. He brings more than 20 years specializing in intelligence gathering and digital investigations for law enforcement and intelligence agencies globally. Prior to joining the executive team, Ori oversaw Product Management and was a key catalyst in launching Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence Platform.

Before joining Cellebrite, Ori led Product Management and Business Development for NICE System’s Cyber Intelligence Division. He began his career as a software engineer at Teletron. Ltd, developing communication interception systems. Ori holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The Academic College of Tel-Aviv.

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