Special Guest: Ian Whiffin, Digital Forensic Examiner, Calgary Police Service, Forensics Unit

In this episode, we are joined by Ian Whiffin who has worked in law enforcement for 16 years. He has been working in digital forensics for the past seven years and recently started his website https://www.doubleblak.com where he shares his research in the realm of digital forensics. Based on his needs for cases, he creates new, useful tools, which he shares on his site.

One of the newest tools Ian developed is called “ArtEx” – the Artifact Examiner tool used to parse iOS extractions. One of the main differences between ArtEx and the other tools is that when you point to a data collection, you can specify a time period that you are interested in and only the data from that time is parsed.

This drastically decreases processing time to minutes instead of hours.

Additional features provide more useful information in an organized manner. Specific location search, frequent locations, map data, vehicle locations, and other location data are all available to investigators. 

Listen to the full episode to learn more about ArtEx, its newest features, and to have a full Q&A with Ian regarding this Artifact Examiner.

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