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Cellebrite Lab Solutions

Advance the Case
Access Device, Application and Cloud Evidence Faster

Examiners Need to Collect, Decode and Analyze Data Fast

Locked devices, encryption obstacles, web-based applications and accounts, multiple disparate data sources and case backlogs slow down investigations and leave critical evidence undiscovered. Accelerate your findings with market-leading access to the valuable data and insights within devices and from cloud-based sources. With more than 60,000 licenses, UFED technology is trusted in labs around the world to produce defendable evidence and improve investigative outcomes.

  • Conquer locked devices and encryption challenges

    Crack into evidence from the widest range of devices, even those at the leading edge of the market, with advanced techniques for access, lock bypass and decrypted physical extraction. User lock and encryption barriers are no match for Cellebrite UFED technology and services.

  • Strengthen your examination with superior device access

    Extract physical, file system and logical device data using unrivaled methods, such as exclusive bootloaders and Advanced ADB. Recover evidence from deleted images and data, parse through unknown databases, find hidden content and passwords and conduct robust searches with advanced decoding and analysis tools. Ongoing updates to our UFED products ensure access to the very latest devices and applications.

  • Obtain forensically-sound evidence

    Empower forensics teams to collect defensible evidence from an unparalleled variety of digital devices, applications, social media and cloud-based sources. Our forensically sound, repeatable processes protect evidence throughout the examination, so discoveries are trusted and defensible.

  • Speed investigations and reduce case backlogs

    The increase of digital evidence seized throughout investigations is putting more and more pressure on forensic examiners. Effectively support investigations with secure, comprehensive tools that collect, decode and analyze data and enable examiners to harness digital intelligence with greater speed and efficiency.


  • CMFF
    CMFF Cellebrite Mobile Forensic Fundamentals
  • CCO
    CCO The Cellebrite Certified Operator
  • CCPA
    CCPA Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst
  • CCME
    CCME Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner
  • CASA
    CASA Cellebrite Advanced Smartphone Analysis
  • CCOF
    CCOF Cellebrite Chip-Off Forensics
    CERT-F Certified Evidence Repair Technician - Forensic

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