Law enforcement agencies are seeing a rapid rise in the adoption of highly encrypted apps like Signal, which incorporate capabilities like image blurring to stop police from reviewing data. Criminals are using this application to communicate, send attachments, and making illegal deals that they want to keep discrete and out of sight from law enforcement.

Why Signal Is So Popular

Signal is an encrypted communication application designed to keep sent messages and attachments as safe as possible from 3rd-party programs. Signal not only uses end-to-end encryption for the data it sends, but the app also employs a proprietary open-source encryption protocol called “Signal Protocol™“. Apps like this make parsing data for forensic analysis extremely difficult. According to analytics firm App Annie, Signal was downloaded more than one million times worldwide in May 2020. 

Cellebrite Physical Analyzer now allows lawful access to Signal app data. At Cellebrite, we work tirelessly to empower investigators in the public and private sector to find new ways to accelerate justice, protect communities, and save lives. 

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