Call Detail Records (CDRs) can be a very important part of every investigation. CDRs are very helpful as they are a reliable source that can help corroborate other digital evidence. This could include mobile device extractions or even just specific CDR data that is pulled to help in covert investigations.

Opening/Creating a New Case in Pathfinder

In order to open and create a new case in Pathfinder, you need to load the CDR template as it is provided by the network service provider, define the template, and fill out the user’s phone number.

From here, once the case wizard is closed, your CDR data will be ingested into Pathfinder.

Once Pathfinder opens, you will then be able to leverage features such as the timeline and also the ability to view call logs, SMS, MMS, and more. Additionally, you can view multiple different graphs and also detailed maps of the owner’s movements.

CDRs are a very important part of the investigation process and can provide critical data for a case.

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