Hi everyone, Heather here with another Tip Tuesdays episode, and this week I want to focus on Physical Analyzer Ultra, also known as PA 8 or PA Ultra.

I want to show you something that has changed in the file system view and in an Explorer view. Typically, in the past, we clicked on file systems, but now you see I have an Android image loaded so if I want to go down, I’m going to go into user data and then root.

And as I keep scrolling down, you will come across a directory here. So, system, for example, if I want to go into a specific system folder, I can do that by navigating to wherever I want, such as users.

But what you can also do is here on users, it will take you automatically to zero, but if you click on users, you would actually see all of the directories and files associated with that.

So let me pick a different one. Let’s do network stats. As I start looking through this, I see so many directories but the directory itself does not expand.

This is different in PA Ultra because it makes the view more like something we’ve seen in media forensics. If you’ve ever worked hard drives, this is typically how we’ve looked at the data.

So just make sure when you are clicking on files if you see something called connectivity three and you expand and only see one directory, double click on that top parent directory to see everything that exists in that file.

If you then find a database or a file that you want to download, simply select the download button.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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