Gangs and Organized Crimes - Cellebrite
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Infiltrate Organized Crime & Gang Networks with Digital Intelligence


Cellebrite’s Intuitive Tools Maximize The Value Of All This Digital Data To Uncover Hidden Connections

Organized crime investigations produce data from dozens, if not hundreds, of mobile devices and extend into multiple cases. Investigators often lack time and resources to process the volume and the complexity of all this data.

Cellebrite digital intelligence solutions enable teams to pinpoint interconnected leads from digital data to expose organized crime operations and make the community safer by prosecuting the entire organization.

Accelerate homicide investigations with Cellebrite’s end-to-end digital intelligence solutions

  • Access the Inaccessible

    Unparalleled unlocking and extraction of the latest iOS, Android and other devices

    Decryption of mobile devices, applications and cloud sources

    Ensure integrity and chain of custody of digital evidence

  • Find Relevant Evidence

    Collect and analyze forensically-sound data anywhere

    Pinpoint and leverage critical digital evidence to create and corroborate leads

    Reduce time to evidence and less backlog

  • Reveal Critical Connections

    Visualize patterns within and across cases for more predictive policing

    Create a “big picture” of digital evidence related to victims, suspects, and witnesses

    Collaborate and share insights across the team to build a strongest possible case

Start solving cases faster

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