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Introducing Physical Analyzer Ultra Series


See what’s new, and what’s coming to Physical Analyzer Ultra:

Database Infrastructure A new Database Infrastructure introduces major enhancements that create greater persistency, improve performance, and enable high-volume data processing.


Computer Data Ability to ingest, decode, and review essential Windows® Computer Data


Dashboard A new Top Insights Dashboard, with drill-down, that highlights the most critical data artifacts


Location View and Reporting A bolstered Location View and Reporting function bringing clarity to case-centric proximities


Cryptocurrency Enable Cryptocurrency reporting from digital wallets


Cloud Data Ability to process and present Cloud Data for holistic assessments within the platform

In Progress

Case Imports and Exports Import and Export Cases for portability and archiving

In Progress

Smart Translation Smart Translation for extended language recognizability and conversion


CDR (call data records) Ingestion via CDR (call data records) and, potentially, additional data sources


Advanced Analytics Extended reporting and Analytic capabilities from within the platform


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New Database Infrastructure

  • Handle extra-large data collections
  • Open existing cases without needing to reparse data
  • More reliable and robust 

Multi-Source Data

Go beyond mobile devices with Windows® computer data ingestion capabilities.


Enhanced Location Views and Reporting

An all-new Locations tab provides an enhanced user interface that includes an improved breakdown of case-relevant location data for even more insights.


Top Insights Dashboard

Bring the most critical case artifacts to the forefront automatically and with customizable, clickable widgets.


How do I get PA Ultra?

PA Ultra is available to all PA users and can be downloaded from the Customer’s Portal

Will I automatically get PA Ultra when I update my software?

Yes –PA Ultra licenses are interchangeable with PA 7.

Will PA Ultra allow for the review of Mac data?

The current version supports Windows only. The computer data roadmap for PA Ultra includes supporting a complete, case driven intelligence picture of different digital data sources, including macOS support.

When would I use PA Ultra instead of Cellebrite Inspector, and visa versa?

The breadth (numbers of sources) and depth (number of source artifacts) differs between PA Ultra and Inspector and deciding which product to use will depend on your case needs. In some cases, you may start your examination in one and complete it in the other. Generally, PA Ultra is your go-to, solution allowing a single examiner advanced mobile insight, and vital Windows® computer data, with Mac OS support on the horizon. If your case requires advanced, in-depth analysis of windows and Mac OS machines, Inspector is the right tool for you.

What is the cost of PA Ultra?

There are no incremental costs for PA Ultra to current and active PA users.

If I start using PA Ultra, will my current version of PA stop functioning?

No - users can run PA 7 and PA Ultra in parallel to ease the transition process.

Will PA Ultra replace my PA 7 series application?

PA Ultra is the natural successor to PA 7 and as such, it is designed to replace PA7 over time.

If I don’t upgrade to PA Ultra, will PA 7 still work?

Yes, PA7 will continue to work while you have a valid license. You will also still be able to install older versions of PA7 when required, provided you have a compatible license.

Is Cellebrite stopping updates for PA 7 and only updating features for PA Ultra users?

Development on PA 7 will decrease as PA Ultra becomes more established. Support for new applications and updated applications versions will continue to be made to PA 7.

Which capabilities are not yet available in PA Ultra?

A list of capabilities not included in PA Ultra, yet existing in PA 7.x can be located with the Release Notes for PA Ultra and is accessible to PA Ultra users in the Customer’s Portal

Hardware & Software Requirements

PC Windows-compatible PC with Intel i5 or compatible
CPU 4 Cores
Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows 8.x, 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 10, 64-bit
Memory (RAM) Minimum 32 GB
  • 500 GB of free disk space for installation and highlights database
  • Add-ons: 512 GB (offline maps and BSSID)
  • We strongly recommend SSD
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) (Recommended) NVIDIA® GPU card with CUDA© compute capability 3.5 or higher

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