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Enhance your forensic skills and learn leading-edge techniques.

Cellebrite’s Digital Forensics Training is home to dozens of guided training programs designed to help agencies and individuals achieve their educational and professional goals. Certifications are available for mobile forensics courses, investigative courses, computer forensics courses, and authorized partner courses. The curriculum is designed to prepare law enforcement to tackle emerging crimes effectively.

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About Cellebrite Training


Flexible Learning Options

Multiple formats to match your learning style, schedule and budget


Role-Based Learning Paths

Purpose-built curriculum tailored to your role


Professional Credibility

Immersive hands-on training ensure technical competency


Industry Trusted

Worldwide recognition for digital forensics training excellence


Custom Curriculum

Skilled practitioners help build and deploy agency specific programs


Strategic Advisory Services

Consulting and mentoring services to help optimize your agency’s skills


Academic Excellence

Best practices, quality assurance standards, and pre-review processes

Flexible Learning Options

  • instructor-led


    Meet with your instructor and peers in-person in a traditional, interactive, classroom setting.

  • live-online

    Live Online

    Interact with your instructor and peers in a real-time virtual classroom setting delivered right to your computer.

  • on-demand


    Learn at your own pace and convenience with affordable anytime, anywhere access to training from your computer.

Role-Based Learning Paths

  • Mobile Forensics Courses

    Learn how to access and collect digital evidence, lawfully overcome complicated locks, encryption barriers, damaged devices and more.

    Cellebrite Certified Operator (CCO)

    Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst (CCPA)

    Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME)

    Cellebrite Advanced Smartphone Analysis (CASA)

    Cellebrite Evidence Repair Technician (CERT-F)

    Cellebrite Cryptocurrency Investigative Techniques (CCIT)

    Cellebrite Chip-Off Forensics (CCOF)

    Cellebrite Iron Python (CIP)

  • Investigative Courses

    Master the use of Cellebrite Kiosk and analytics capabilities.

    Cellebrite Pathfinder – Single User (CPS)

    Cellebrite Pathfinder Enterprise/Teams (CPET)

    Cellebrite Responder Operator (CRO)

    Cellebrite eDiscovery Investigations Practitioner (CEIP)

    Cellebrite Corporate Investigator Fundamentals (CCIF)

  • Computer Forensics Courses

    Deep dive into computer forensics to learn how to navigate Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices, analyze operating systems, Windows-based file systems, and more.

    Cellebrite Computer Forensic Fundamentals (CCFF)

    Cellebrite Apple® Forensic Fundamentals (CAFF)

    Cellebrite Apple® Intermediate Forensics (CAIF)

    Cellebrite Apple® Advanced Forensics (CAAF)

    Cellebrite Windows Forensics Investigations (CWFI)

  • Authorized Partner Courses*

    Learn essential skills necessary to master CompTIA A+, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and Linux Foundations.

    CompTIA A+ Certification Bootcamp

    CompTIA Network+ Certification Bootcamp

    CompTIA Security+ Certification Bootcamp

    Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Professional Credibility

The best and most accomplished experts in the digital forensics industry have developed curriculum and lead the Cellebrite Academy programs. All instructors are former or current digital forensics practitioners with more than 150 years of real-world experience cumulatively and have performed highly technical investigations that our customers are tasked with performing every day. Their deep understanding of all digital data technology and platforms ensures an immersive, real-world learning experience designed to help students navigate an ever-evolving digital data landscape from the crime scene to the court room.

  • 18

    Training Languages

  • 1000+

    Years of collective investigative experience

  • 125+

    Digital Intelligence Experts

Industry Trusted

  • CompTIA
  • The Linux Foundation
  • Information Security Courses
  • CypherTrace
  • Axon
  • 2020 SANS Forensics 4:Cast:
    • DFIR Degree Program or Training Class of the Year: Cellebrite Training CCO/CCPA
  • 2020 Omni Awards:
    • Gold: CCO (Gov)
    • Silver: CCO (Edu); CCPA (Gov/Edu)
  • 2020 W3 Awards
    • Mobile Apps and Website-Education: (Cellebrite UFED Field Operator) Cellebrite Responder Training for Law Enforcement
  • 2019 SANS Forensics 4:Cast:
    • DFIR Degree Program or Training Class of the Year: Cellebrite Training Courses
  • 2019 Omni Awards:
    • Gold: CMFF (Gov); CCO (Edu); CASA (Gov/Edu)
  • 2019 W3 Awards:
    • Mobile Apps and Website-Education: CASA
Cellebrite certified

Custom Curriculum

Customized training solutions to meet your specific training needs.

  • Customized Content Development
  • Professional Services
  • Unique Third-Party Partnerships
  • Unique Training Aids
  • Qualification Track per Role
  • Bite-Sized Learning Tailored to Your Needs and Ecosystem
Cellebrite Services Project-Manager-Does-Motivational-Presentation

Strategic Advisory Services

  • Strategic Planning and Consulting
  • Mentoring and Evaluations
  • Capabilities and Needs Assessments
  • Project Management for Digital Intelligence Solutions
  • RFP/Proposal/Grants Assistance
  • Assistance with Custom Content Needs
  • Operational Excellence

Academic Excellence

As part of our commitment to deliver best-in-class digital forensics curriculum, Cellebrite subscribes to Quality Matters, Inc. and is applying the QM Continuing & Professional Education (CPE) Rubric to all Academy courses. Grounded in research and driven by best practices, quality assurance standards and peer-review processes, adherence to Quality Matter principles ensure the highest quality instruction and student learning experience. The Cellebrite Academy delivers advanced technical digital forensics expertise in multiple formats led by world-class practitioners.

To fulfill your potential and achieve excellence in any field, you need to learn from the best and execute flawlessly. Cellebrite Academy empowers next generation digital forensics data hunters to do just that. The academic curriculum is designed around investigative roles, offering both core and elective classes for entry-level practitioners to more advanced, expert-level offerings.

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