CTF Registration - Cellebrite
Capture the Flag

What/Why a CTF?

Cellebrite’s Capture the Flag event is a great way for the Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) community to come together and challenge themselves. Whether you are new to DFIR or a seasoned veteran, this CTF has something for everyone. The challenges were written so that some are easier, and some are extremely challenging but not impossible.

We want you to have fun and enjoy the effort we put into creating solid data sets for you to use even after the challenge ends for testing and validation. It is OK to not be able to answer them all, just do the best that you can.


The CTF officially kicks off at 12:01 EDT on Monday, May 23rd and runs through 23:59 EDT on Thursday, May 26th – which is when we will call the winner (we will keep the platform open until the following Monday, May 30th at 23:59 EDT for those who would still like to play outside the competition)

For this event, we will be utilizing the same old dataset from 2021 and the password for the datasets is: 02DB2ECE91DB67E8FA939FC3DC15D16B and is the same password for all zip containers.